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If you are looking for a free bodybuilding e-book then there is a trade-off which you may consider to be fair.  Chances are that you have seen the ads for many bodybuilding e-books, yet you are not sure if any particular ebook is worth your money.  Even if the guarantee is solid, you may have justified skepticism.

Here is something which you may find helpful.  If you click the link (or image) for the bodybuilding e-book which best serves your specific situation then you get your choice of one of the following e-books for free:

  • Metroflex Gym’s Down To Earth Guide To Your Ideal Body
  • How To Gain Weight Fast (the once-a-week workout guide if you are pressed for time)
  • Fun Fast Weight Loss (the guide which guides through a week-by-week diet and training for an upcoming figure competition or bodybuilding contest)
  • The Beginners Weight Lifting Program (from
  • Fit Into Your Jeans (the e-book for generic health and fitness, including a whole section on the “mental aspect” of fitness)

As the owner of the copyright, we can offer you a free bodybuilding e-book in addition to the one you purchase.  All you have to do is click the link and purchase the bodybuilding e-book of your choice.  From there, send an e-mail to us (info @ — be sure to remove the spaces from around the “@”) and we will send you the e-book of your choice.  Even if you love the e-book you purchase, you can give the free e-book to your friend or family member.   We hope that you consider this to be a fair deal that benefits everyone.

To learn more about the choice of free bodybuilding e-book you have, click any of the links on the sidebar and then let us know which you prefer after you have purchased any of the e-books listed below this text.  Thank you.

Bodybuilding Ebook For Muscle Gaining Secrets
Muscle Gaining Secrets Ebook

Get Jason’s e-book by clicking this link

Bodybuilding And Fat Loss Ebook
Burn The Fat Ebook

Get Tom’s e-book by clicking this link

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